Ziebart International Corporation is the worldwide leader in vehicle appearance and protection services. Since 1959, our company has served the automotive enthusiast with valuable product and service offerings. Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, U.S.A., the Ziebart franchise has grown to a network of approximately 400 locations in 31 countries.

Professional Detailing
The automotive detailing industry is a $6 billion industry in the U.S. alone and is growing at an alarming rate. Using the latest in detailing technology and advanced proprietary cleaning chemicals, Ziebart franchisees can maximize their profit potential by providing high end detailing at a fraction of the costs of its competitors. Ziebart professional detailing is truly in a class by itself.
Protective Films
Ziebart brand protection films include both automotive and architectural. Automotive offerings include window tint and paint protection films; whatever you choose, we have you covered. Our diversified offerings provide quality and superior protection. Whether you’re looking for commercial, automotive, or residential protective film, we have the widest array of protective films available under the sun!
Rust Protection
Utilizing a process invented by Kurt Ziebart in 1953, Ziebart has become synonymous worldwide as the leader in corrosion prevention. Throughout the years, we have continued to adapt to the ever changing automotive manufacturing process to provide the highest level of protection to vehicles from around the world. Regardless of geographic location or climate, Ziebart rust protection is the gold standard the world over.
Appearance Protection Services
Ziebart features a wide array of products to meet the ever increasing needs of automotive owners. Products like Paint Protection Film, Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection, Protect-A-Shine, Scratch & Scuff Repair, Inner-Guard and Anti-Bacterial Interior Detailing all provide great value for a wide range of needs. Ziebart really does have something for everyone.
Spray-On Bed Liner
A tough polyurethane coating that bonds directly to a truck bed to form a permanent watertight and airtight layer that protects against rust and corrosion. Environmentally friendly and solvent free, it provides a critical layer of protection for trucks, whether the owner is an occasional user or a full time construction worker. Spray-On Bed Liners are one of the most popular truck accessories purchased.
Glass Repair and Replacement
Windshield chips are one of the most common and costly repairs on a vehicle. Using our exclusive chip repair system, windshield chips can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a replacement windshield and usually the cost to fix a chip is covered by insurance. Glass chip repair is a growing industry, providing a large profit potential with very little investment in both time and equipment.
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